About Us

In 1960 five residents of Woodhall Spa – Dick Curtis, Harold Johnson, Geoff Gilbert, Lou Hudson & Barry Chapman – all regularly played tennis with each other.  There was no official tennis club within the village, just two courts and a derelict pavilion with two small changing rooms.

Such was the enthusiasm and commitment of these five men that in 1962 they decided to start a Tennis Club – perfect for the community they thought.  After discussion with the Woodhall Spa Urban District Council they were granted permission to use the courts and as such Woodhall Spa Tennis Club, Jubilee Park, was borne.  The original Chairman was Lou Hudson with Harold Johnson as Secretary.

In 1973, when a new lease agreement was signed with the local council, a new pavilion and a 3rd court were built.  The club continued to flourish and grow with a committed program of fund raising by both the men and women. Indeed, within four years they had managed to clear the loan used to fund the new court and pavilion!

From the very beginning the tennis club had very successful league teams with the men being in Division One and having one of the strongest teams in the county.  The club also held annual closed men’s, ladies, mixed, veteran and junior competitions.

Even today Woodhall Spa Tennis Club reflects the community spirit and passion of those five founding members.  So, if you fancy a game or just a hit, come on down and meet us – it’s a great place to enjoy your tennis – whatever your level.

We aim to provide tennis, to our members and the community of Woodhall Spa, in a club that:

• Is community friendly and member managed

• Has a relaxed, friendly and inclusive environment

• Offers a range of options for members from social tennis, inter club tennis, night time tennis and coaching for all ages

• Encourages participation of new and long term residents of Woodhall Spa, and its surrounds

• Provides facilities that will meet the needs of the community

Social Sessions

All members can use the courts whenever they are available on a first come first serve basis, except when there are published club sessions, coaching, or any league games taking place.

Fun tennis Saturday 10:30 11:30

Adult and Senior Sessions

All full adult members and invited junior intermediate members only are also invited to attend club sessions:

• Tuesday 7.30pm – 9pm (Mens team practice)

• Thursday 7.30pm – 8:30 (Adult fun social squad)

Junior Sessions


There will always be a court available for members when these sessions are running.